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Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them was first a sexist slogan put on a T-Shirt by some money hungry asshole somewhere. It was embraced by feminazi moms as a way to teach their kid the ways of the Reich from a young age.

Now any sentence that is distinctly female supremacist but pretends to be promoting gender equality is replied to by this.

You can also use it as a answer to a feminazi to remind them how sexist they sound.
Feminazi arguing on website: Every woman who has posted on this thread could show you an inbox with more of the same, plus a number of free penis pictures and a lot of "I am going to find your real address and rape you." comments.

Me: That's cos your the only woman here, buy nvm cos Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them. :rolleyes:
by A.Intelligence June 11, 2012

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