2 definitions by A.Delirious - Student

To penetrate the air with ones penis

Warning: You will be arrested if you panaretou in public.

excessive amounts of panaretou + hodging will equal in production of Piney Porridge
'oi mate! ur nicked! no more panaretou on my streets!'

'I had a little wee dribble after i went and the only way to get rid of it was to panaretou'

by A.Delirious - Student April 26, 2008
A Zoo full of reckless and wild Pajamas or alternatively Michelle Bass' (Big Brother UK Series 5) redition of Pie Jesu (Pie Jesus)
(Bad Beyonce Style) piiiiiiiii jjjjjjjj zooooooooooo

Dad: 'Come on kids we're going to the PJ Zoo!'

by A.Delirious - Student April 26, 2008

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