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A bastardised term, from effeminate (look it up) using the clever naming conventions adopted by Apple (and many many imitators), iFEMINATE can be used to describe in one word the pouty, floppy haired, made up, miserable angst mongers that are the Male Teen Emo (thus after referred to as MTE, or in some circles 'empties').

MTEs (or empties) can generally be found lurking in 'ego boost' post-your-pic groups, or more likely on myspace, posting turd about how shit and miserable their shit and miserable lives are.

In the flesh, when they actually venture outside, they always seem to hang around public buildings such as Libraries, generally miserying the place up with their bandwagon angst.

Once puberty is over, a whopping 80% of iFEMINATES take up normal lives in society, the remaining 20% can be split down roughly into the following brackets:

* 19% commit suicide

* 1% are kicked to death.
Look at that Myspace fag's picture, he is so iFEMINATE.
by A.Bradders May 24, 2009
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