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A way of saying "That'll teach those people a lesson, my good friend!" as a mild grammar joke.

Commonly used by gamers(usually the FPS crowd) to express triumph in the game, although the useage has expanded enough that it is not out of place to hear it from other types of people in other situations.
Game Announcer: Red Team scores!
Red Player #1: Haha! That'll learn them!
by A. Person December 03, 2004
Is a horrible place where you won't learn anything useful in life, nothing like leaning how to balance finance or disinfect injury. No you learn how mongoose reproduce.

There are also several groups of people.

Preps: total posers and usually rich sluts who whine about not having the latest cell phone

Jocks: immature assholes who liek to stair at girls boobs and slap each other on the ass

Emos/goths: usually posers as well who only act like they're in emotional pain for attention even through they have food, a roof over their head and a loving family.

Real emos: do them a favor and be their friend. They're really in pain...
The toon platoon:. We're all normal and vary in personality, yet we have points of common ground, we accept lots of people in our groups and will have no problem helping you fix your whiny first world problems, because we're going to have to solve them anyway later when we're running the world and everyone else is a homeless drug using prostitute. we don't go shoving our egos down people's throats and often we are the only ones who do good in class, though we find everything useless. We generally consist of retro gamers, doctor who fans, martial artists, real nerds, true Internet users not facebook whores. Calm and polite. ECT.

Nerds: not the video game kind, the math geeks. They aren't even really smart any more. They just act like it.

They say you have more freedom in middle school. Honestly that's some bullshit. If being able to walk the halls without a teacher breathing down your neck is freedom, then we seriously need to rethink the definition of that word.
Lunch food also sucks thanks to government requirements that are supposed to cut down childhood obesity but really only make us eat more when we get home.

The principles are also weird and don't do shit for us. You can walk in the halls bleeding to death and they'll ask you how your day is going, when you request an ambulance they will tell you to have a nice day. Don't get me started on vice-principles.

Also everyone is going through puberty.

In other words. Good fucking luck you brave bastards.
Middle school.
#hell #middle school #jocks #nerds #puberty #teachers
by A. person May 11, 2013
A country that was once a close ally of America, but is looked down on in America currently. Has fallen out of favor in America and Europe(I believe. I cannot say for sure, as I am not European) for not playing an active role in the War on Terrorism, and a few times, even hindering the fight.

Other than that, the French are well known for consuming much expensive, or exotic(to Americans) foods, having a country that is in surprisingly good shape, and being remarkably unmotivated fighters.
Despite being hated in America, France isn't THAT bad.
by A. Person November 26, 2004
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