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a word to describe an idiot who comes up with the stupidest shit to say or a person who huffs queefs and or believes anything that is told to them no matter how gay or retarded it is
1. Brandon was "smashin it" "doggy-style" when he stopped all of the sudden to bend down and stick his huffin nose into a big wet pussy fart(queef)... this automatically makes him a queef huffer....
2.Chris told Brant he would get hydraulics with his car trade and Brant believed him, making him a queef huffer...
by A. Tizzle December 05, 2006
1. The slimy, thick, sometimes crusty green schmeg that discharges from the vagina after a queef occurs.
2. Also used as an insult to a generally stinky sum-bitch.
1. "You are a puddle of queef residue!!"
2. Brant woke up with queef residue on his nose from his wild night before.
3. Brandon would like queef residue on his pancakes.
by A. Tizzle December 05, 2006
The sweat between a super busty chics boobs.
Look at the mountain dew between her gorge.
by A. Tizzle December 05, 2006
1.the afterbirth of a lesbian cluster fuck. a little bastard with two mothers which usually look butch, have mullets, or any other manly features.
2. when two lesbians are beaver rubbin and one somehow gets impregnated.
1. butch and bitch have a queef baby
2. hillary and carol were beaver rubbin and carol queefed into hillary's beaver and two weeks later hillary was sick... come to find out, she was impregnated with a lil bastard queef baby
by A. Tizzle December 05, 2006

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