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1 definition by A. Real Man

The only correct way to freshen up a manly body, is with the manliest scent that ever graced the earth, and that manly scent which raises the sun in the morning, is Old Spice.

God was the first person to begin wearing Old Spice, and look at where he is now. Old Spice comes in many scents, each one is a manly blast of manliness, but in different forms. Some may allow you to rule the world with your right hand and eat the Sandwhich of Victory with the other. Others may make you irresistible to women of the highest caliber.
"I use Old Spice products to keep my self smelling like a MAN so right after I devour my Mid-flight STEAK I can jump from a plane and do a perfect BARREL ROLL into my office, then have ROUGH MANLY SEX WITH ANY WOMAN IN SIGHT and still smell like a GOOD SMELLING MAN." - Saxton Hale
by A. Real Man April 14, 2010