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4 definitions by A. Pseudonym

intense exclamation; not to be taken literally; used in an unwanted situation
When you find out that you failed a test you say: Fuck my ass, I failed!
by A. Pseudonym December 07, 2004
297 75
In reverse order in reference to time of occurrence.
Achronologically, Saturday would listed before Friday.
by A. Pseudonym April 16, 2005
3 5
An awesome play in ultimate frisbee that involves 2 or more people. Blood must be drawn and/or a limb must be broken on the play.
Did you see the catch Alex made on that foojazza? Elena almost got her head taken off and Brent broke both of his arms.
by A. Pseudonym May 19, 2004
1 4
We're gonna need one.
We're gonna need a montage!
by A. Pseudonym October 23, 2004
72 108