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Pretenemies act as if they dislike each other, when really, that isn't the case. It can be ambiguous, at times, as to just how fictitious the mutual dislike is or isn't.

Pretenemy is a portmanteau of "pretend" and "enemy."

Contrast with frenemy (friend and enemy), in which case there is definitely a genuine measure of emnity. Both frenemies and pretenemies, however, are friends on some level.
Example 1:

I'm pretty sure David and myself are pretenemies. We argue a lot but there is no real anger or disagreement, and we consider it entertaining. At least, I do...

Example 2:

Me: "I have an example in mind: 'But isn't Quinn just your pretenemy?'
"'No, he has no pretenemies. Everyone actually hates him.'"

David: "But you don't know Quinn has no pretenemies for a fact."

Me: "It doesn't matter, it's Urban Dictionary. It's an example."

David: "Then it's a dictionary, it has to be accurate."

Me: "This is why we're pretenemies."
by A. Penner February 26, 2010
Pertaining to fiction.

Not entirely founded in real life. Not just conjecture, but also fantasy.
The Bible is largely fictitious.

Most 13 y.o. boys have a fictitious foot-long shlong.
by A. Penner February 26, 2010

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