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an insult used mainly by private school students or former private school students to call someone stupid. It implies that one belongs not only at public school, but in special education there.
Daniel: I did long division today, I feel special.
Me: Well, maybe public school special.
by A. Nuggs November 18, 2007
Someone who edits for urban dictionary and doesn't accept amazing and professional definitions.
I can't get anything published on urban dictionary because of all those EdiTards.
by A. Nuggs November 02, 2007
Title givin to one prone to fits or tantrums.

Named after a common tantrum involving the punting of an athletic ball when frustrated over a game.
Man, that Punty McGee ran crying into the house when I penalized him for moving the ball.
by A. Nuggs November 02, 2007
a way to say gay niggers.

It is spoken quickly and pronounced like an irish name.
Tru niggas dont play dat.
You know who plays dat?
by A. Nuggs October 23, 2007
The type of thing someone would do behind a shed, usually illicit, nasty, or embarrassing things.

eg. smoking pot, giving oral sex, urinating
We made fun of him for weeks after we caught him doing that shed shit.
by A. Nuggs November 02, 2007
Title given to one who is prone to fits and temper tantrums.

Based on a common tantrum in the form of punting a football due to frustration, often followed by running into a nearby house crying.
Man, I don't think I can ever talk to that Punty McGee again after we had to leave his house while his mom yelled at him.
by A. Nuggs October 23, 2007
A female who wears clothes that show off her midriff while working with sauces, usually in a restaurant of some sort, thus risking sauce getting onto said midriff
Man I love the way that Saucy Midriff dresses, but i hope she doesn't get anything stuck in there.
by A. Nuggs November 02, 2007

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