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A new PDA phone that is offered by Cingular that is the most awesome phone ever. It has a music player and it is comparable to the Moto Q--and is made by a better company. It also is known as a mini computer that uses the internet. It is the blackjack because of it's color and its ability to do five things at once.
All the people in the ghetto wants one of those samsung blackjack phones--it's the new thing.
by A. N. O'nymous December 26, 2006
Selling Phones to Really Inadequite N@gg@z Today!

Bad reception to people who don't have good credit.

(P1)Hey yo! I got my sprint phone today.

(P2)Got reception?


(P3)Hey, even my T-Mobile phone has reception.

(P1)My Cingular phone does too.

(P4)Hey yo, my Verizon phone has reception.

(P5)Even Alltel

(P1)Gotta take this phone back. I can't even pick up in Wal-Mart.
by A. N. O'nymous December 27, 2006
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