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New pussy. When you meet a girl you really kick it off with and you hit it once and it keeps comin back.
My Life is always tryna find that new new cuz the old ones usually get tired.
by A. Joe March 13, 2010
An imaginary word that exists sorely on the internet and behind closed, locked, and dead bolted doors. White people used to have balls to say it before Civil Rights. But, now it's no longer socially acceptable without a beat-down or worst case death. White people think blacks get mad when they type it in to troll but in reality we laugh because we hear 'I'm a pussy' when they say it. I'm 24 years old and as of yet have never heard the word uttered in person.
"Hey Nigger, go pick my cotton"
"Shut tha fuck up keyboard warrior."
"LOL!! Nigger u need to go back to school and learn how to spell THE."
"For somebody who hates black people you sure seem to love me...."
by A. Joe March 04, 2010

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