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Murrow is short for Edward R. Murrow H.S.

Murrow is high school in the Midwood section of Brooklyn dedicated to the arts and academics. It's considered one of the more prestigious high schools. It has no sports teams and a chess team that has been the number one in the nation a number of times (but stop anyone in the hall and no one will be able to name a team member for you).

Murrow goes by it's own system being an "optional educational" school. There are no bells to signal the end of a period and periods are called bands and they're lettered. It also goes by the quarter system and each bloc of that time is called a cycle. Murrow students get 8 report cards and parents can never comprehend the fact that half of them don't mean anything. There are no lunch periods but there are OPTAs (free bands) where students can eat lunch, roam the halls (and "murrow it"), do homework, or basically whatever they feel like.

The Murrow student body roughly consists of the following:

49% W, 23% B, 13% H, 16% A

Of the white kids, half are probably Russian and half of those Russians wear Juicy or Diesel (and that's all their life is about) and the other half of the Russians are OTB and very awkward. Even so, they're all archetypally smart.

The other half of those white kids are from areas such as Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, etc... They all come from very liberal families, have a lot of money, get high after school, go to rehab at least once, and get into great colleges with good grades because they're all diagnosed with some disorder and have had to "rise through adversity." A portion of these kids are the theatre kids and they're pretty lame since the theatre dept. is way overrated.

Some of the black kids have those belts that flash their names or with a digital message board that says something like "Happy Birthday Jamilquana!" and it's pretty funny.

All the asians hang out by the 340 suite and they're are a number of super trendy ones that a lot of the theatre kids stalk to ask them where they buy their clothes (the answer's always something along the lines of "Oh, I bought this last summer in South Korea." to the dismay of everyone).

Murrow occupies an ugly, 1970s era building and depresses whomever looks onto it's terrible brick facade.

-- "Murrowing it" is sitting on the floor (students are often sprawled out on the floors of the school). It's highly addictive and Murrow students tend to have a hard time dropping the habit and often Murrow it outside of school (i.e.: the street, the supermarket, Barnes & Noble, etc...).

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I have EFGH&J OPTAs, I'm the luckiest person in the world.

Have you seen Murrow Sing!? It sucked.

Student A: What do you have A-band?
Student B: OPTA
Student A: Hot shit! It's an hour tomorrow, come over to my house before school and I'll smoke you up. Then we can take the Q train.
by A. Human May 17, 2006

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