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It is not to clear your mind off all things but one. It is to clear your mind of all things. To focus on the lack of thoughts that come between thoughts, and to lengthen this period to several minutes, even hours. It is only then that you can truly listen to your inner self. If you are focusing on a tree or a flower, you cannot focus on your inner self.
Meditation is something that is very misunderstood by westerners.
by A. Freak April 16, 2006
A vibrating barbell made for tongue piercings for the obvious purpose of enhancing female stimulation during oral sex. Originally only available in stainless steel, they now come with rubber "koosh" balls.
Ever since I got a tiggler my girlfriend wants me to eat her out ALL the time. Not that I mind.
by A. Freak September 27, 2005
A cigarette that, when smoked, bright sparks fly from the end. It is made by using a lighter in very brief bursts to ever so slightly melt the cellophane on the cigarette box or pack. The cigarette is then immediately rolled on the cellophane to coat it with the plastic. If you can see the plastic melting, you've done too much.
Check this out. It's called a sparkle cigarette. See the sparks coming from the end?
by A. Freak October 18, 2005

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