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1: name of a city in Texas

2: means "flag" in Spanish

3: a lovable, cute, loyal, smart, furry, and fun dog that is awesome in every way, as well as pwns all other dogs. Tends to be black and white with long fur.
1: I hear it's really dry down in Bandera, Texas!

2: Me gusta Bandera

3: Wow, I wish I had a dog like Bandera! I love him so much <3
by A. Dumbledore June 06, 2010
The total ownage and/or complete shutdown of a person, place, or thing.

Derived from the word "owned" but is much cooler and more widely used.

It was created because of an idiot who can't spell "owned" (and so therefore he was pwned)
Speaker one: We totally kicked @$$ in the game last night!

Speaker two: Yeah, that team got PWNED!!
by A. Dumbledore June 06, 2010
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