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AKA National Hockey Leauge (N.H.L.)
That guy has sick dangles, he's going to The show for sure.
by A. Doherty February 01, 2007
A phase in a hockey players career (usualy age 18-20)when all they do is eat, sleep, work out, play hockey, booze, and fuck puck sluts. It is known to be the best time in a hockey player life. It is the transition period between Amatuer Hockey to College and or Proffesional Hockey. Juniors is the first step to The Show.
1. Yea man, I decided to take a couple years off of school and play Junior Hockey, Its the best time of my life!

2. Check out the Junior hockey bible at www.rockhockey.ca
by A. Doherty February 01, 2007
A term used in junior hockey. Refers to a bad move or a reall stupid action. Ususaly occurs due to inexperence in the life of a junior hockey player. lmost always caused by a rookie.
Dude hank pulled a rookie move last night on that puck, she slaped him sily, it was mint!
by A. Doherty February 01, 2007
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