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To use dipping tobacco
usualy said when you dont want people to know what your doing
or just for short
"Hey Brooks you wanna Hang a D on the monorail"
"hell yeah man"
by A-Tom February 23, 2006
To go smoke with some freinds or by yourself
usualy said when not wanting anyone to know what your talking about or for short
and its just a fun word to say
you:"Im tired of this shit you wanna go poke"
bud:"yeah man i havent in a while"
some guy" POKE!! poke poke poke"
by A-Tom February 23, 2006
To get French with someone means to French kiss someone.
- You went out with Lisa right?

- Yeah. She was okay. The most she'd do was get French with me though.

- ... Forget her then.
by A-tom November 30, 2012
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