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1. A Village Penninsula south of Detroit, MI, north of Toledo, OH.

2. It is made up of about 300 locals, all who are mostly related. The era seems to be stuck in a time warp, made up of mostly the '70's.

3. One way onto the Village, which deters most enforcement agency's from patrolling the area.

4. EVERYONE waves
I am going to Estral Beach to swim for the day.
by a-lush-a March 09, 2011
When you use alcoholic beverages (preferably) to make a mixed drink concoction, and you FILL the containers you used BACK with the finished product.
I made a batch of Bailey's Irish Cream & poured all the contents into a mixing bowl and saved the used containers for the fill back.
by A-lush-a April 11, 2011

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