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a think viscous substance originating from the shaft of the males sexual organ. Usually associated with some sort of STD, but can also occur if the guys dink is extremely sweaty or just plain gross. Watch out! cock slime is contagious and if another mans tip touches yours, your body will start secreting the stuff from your man-meat as well. On the other hand, cock slime is also a premo lubricant and assists in self-stimulation.
I rubbed my littler motherfucker raw, and it was enjoyable thanks to cock slime! Its also tasty on my eggs
by A-Spot January 25, 2006
When a woman (usually heafty, fat provides cushion) willingly subjegates herself to "vaginal headbutting", another form of weird fat-chick pleasuring
Beatrice begged me to give her a round of Vagina headbuttings, but she was too gross...so i punched her fat fuckin face instead
by A-Spot January 23, 2006
The dried up poo of great german man-god Adolf Hitler, also a flavor of slush puppie
Omfg! Is that some Hitler Feces?!
by A-Spot January 25, 2006

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