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1. To act completely unselfishly for the better for your team.

2. To lead by example.

3. Clutch.

Antonym: Nomar.
That play was so Jeter!
by a-rod August 02, 2004
Dried shit encrusted around the pubic hair of an obese women. This is caused by her being unable to wipe her ass conventionally due to being unable to reach around the buttock. Hence she is forced to go between her legs and wipe forward, bring shit into the pubic hair that later dries.
Did you see the shit twigs that the fat chick had?
by A-ROD January 12, 2005
Squeaking noise made during male masturbation when air gets trapped beneath the foreskin and the grip is too tight (forcing the noise to occur).
I could swear I could hear the sound like a pecker squeal when I walked past John's room!
by A-ROD January 13, 2005
Slang for scrotum, sack containing chebs (testicles)
It was so funny when that cricket ball hit him in the cheb sack.
by A-ROD January 13, 2005
A retard from Boston (ie Red Sox fans)
Hey Varitek, fuck you! You fucking Botard!
by a-rod August 02, 2004
A testicle. Two chebs and a scrotum make a cheb sack.
I had to laugh when that girl kicked him in the left cheb.
by A-ROD January 13, 2005
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