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(Verb): To open your mouth wide, place on a person's cheek creating a seal, then move your tongue around viciously essentially licking their cheek and preferably covering it in saliva. Often used as a joke punishment on a friend or significant other.
Girl: Why do you think they call it a spork?
Guy: (Monkey Kiss)
Girl: Awww! Gross!
Guy: Hehe...
by A-Master Dizzle March 12, 2008
A declaration made upon seeing a yellow car. Believed that for every car you see and call out first you will be obtain 5 more minutes of sex in your life. May cause extreme competitiveness between associates, possibly resulting in anger and violence.
Friend 1: Hey is that a...
Friend 2: YELLOW CAR!
Friend 1: Damnit! (punches Friend 2 in arm)
by A-Master Dizzle March 12, 2008
(Noun) A slang term for a vagina. Often used crudely in reference to the nether regions of a promiscuous lady.
Guy 1: What about her?
Guy 2: Naw man, I know too many guys who have taken a dip in that twatlantic ocean.
by A-Master Dizzle March 10, 2008

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