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"the land of bars and churches"...and arabs. Bay ridge is a town with a border, once you cross 76th towards 69th street its all hukas, arabs, that think they're tough and black or puerto rican, and muslims, the rest is Irish, Italian, Asian, a few black and hispanic, and rich people...only part of Bay Ridge is rich, those people live along shore road and thats it. Bay Ridge is also the place where the pussies from Dyker like to come and get drunk, pick a fight, lose, and run back to their mansions in Dyker. Dumb faggot rich kids are always giving Bay Ridge a bad name. Also, the only soft part of Bay Ridge are the Arabs, and white kids that are spoiled and think they are gangsta, but have a fucking trust fund. Arab teenagers are because they travel in packs, and pick on kids half their size and age, and call thirty of their cousins if they get in trouble. They don't know how to fight by themselves, can't stand up for themselves, and all talk like retarded gangstas. Oh, and noone from Bay Ridge calls it Spray Ridge!
DYKER KID 1: I wanna get blasted
DYKER KID 2: Lets go to Bay Ridge
by A-K January 08, 2008

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