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3 definitions by A-Bizzle

similar to the ass ram or the butt fuck, it involves invading your partners asshole like a dipstick on a car's oil gauge
"Dude, I checked your girlfriend's oil last night."
by a-bizzle February 28, 2003
30 39
Short for "very". Used most frequently when making a mockery of a story, specifically one from a children's book.
"Hey have you heard the story of the ver hung cat (very hungry caterpillar)? Totes."
"SOS. We...need...fire."
by A-Bizzle June 07, 2006
11 23
Slang word that is substituted for "totally". Originated in Fox Lane High School. Most frequently uttered in the stairwell next to the gym locker room while smoking a shitload of weed.
"We totes smoked too much reefer before Physics."
"Hey have you heard the story of the ver hung cat? Totes."
"SOS. We...need...fire."
by A-Bizzle May 16, 2006
20 88