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The female of the human species, and the opposite gender to "man". Women were NOT created to torment men. They were NOT created for sexual pleasure. They are NOT superior to men. They are NOT inferior. Women are people. Not goddesses. Not sandwich machines. Not horrific monsters. Women are capable of emotions. Yes, they have hormones and "That Time of Month". Yes, PMS makes them irritable. But, gentlemen, are you really any better?

"We have, ultimately, SuPERIOR logic, because we are MEN, and MEN are unable to bear children."
"Woman! Make me a sandwich!"
"DEFINITION OF 'WOMAN: The useless skin around the pussy'"


Women develop faster hormonally than men, being attracted to males earlier in life and being capable of reproducing earlier, in some cases. Women have menstrual periods and "Pre-Menstrual-Syndrome" (PMS). They are capable of producing children, if an egg (released during menstruation) is fertilized by male sperm. I know, I sound gross, but not as bad as what some people post. Women have breasts, which many men find attractive. (For those of you got your "education" from the internet, breasts are also called "Boobs", "tits" "Titties" "Puppies" etc) Need I describe the female genitalia? I'm not going to get gross like that, thanks a lot. A girl turns into a woman sometime during adolescence. Different people think that it starts at different times, but many underage "girls" have the hormones of a "woman", so it's still undetermined.


Men criticize "Feminazis" or, to put it bluntly, radical feminists. Some feminists ARE illogical. But quite a few of the precious chosen gender are too.

God created living beings equal

Eve was from Adam's rib. Of course, she was gullible enough to believe Satan, but Adam was arrogant enough to take what he knew was from the forbidden tree, so they share equally in the Sin.

Menstruation Related criticism

"You can't trust something that bleeds for a week and doesn't die."
"Women act completely irrational, and just say, 'Ooh, it was PMS!'"
"Women have periods and get all emotional from estrogen."
We hear skepticism like this in many definitions. In actuality, estrogen is partially the cause, but a lot of it is because her period raises testosterone levels, making her, (dare I say it) the equivalent of a slightly hormonal MAN!
The junior high girl had a panic attack and screamed at her teacher due to PMS, and was taunted by her male classmates for the rest of the semester. Several years later, in high school, the said male classmates were incapable of even becoming friends with, let alone dating, the opposite gender. Their classmates from middle school just had too many friends who they talked to. The unfortunate young girl, all the same, grew up to be a respectable woman.
by A woman, and damn proud too! April 09, 2009

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