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To cosnpire to ruin someones reputation untill they become unemployable and people refuse to associate with them.
After he cancelled that concert his manager blackballed him. Now no record company wants to produce his album.
by A ton of pounds December 31, 2004
A concept of inoffensive language that has played far more by conservative attempting martyrdom than by liberals attempting to change society. By pointing out they're political incorrectness consevatives can pretend to be witty, edgy or worthy of sympathy.

There have been no state laws made to make saying "politically incorrect" things criminal. There are a number of television shows that try to flaunt the politically correct angle. None of theses have been reprimanded by the FCC.
Even the ranting of insanely radical organizations such as the KKK are still protected by the government.

"Political correctness persecution" is, ironically a politically correct term in itself. It used to be called "the consequences of being an insulting foulmouthed prick, you dumbass".

The only true examples of political correctness overkill are from privately owned entities which have been able to define their behavior codes (i.e. no shoes, no shirt, no service) since forever and student governments which are apeshit and transitory anyhow.
If you act like a jerk people will not like you. This is a fact of life. Don't blame political correctness.
by A ton of pounds November 07, 2004

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