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To submit is either to

1) Quit or give in due to pain or insurmountable/over whelming pressure

2) To hand something in
"Oh dear God this hurts, I submit, holy shit, I submit"

"Loser, by submission is..."

"I submitted my homework to you a week ago"

"Applications must be submitted in 3 days"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006
When a text (anything with words, whether it be spoken or written) has a topic or subject that a group of words relate to. If a passage of writing included the words
"heart", "flower", "love", "music", "passion" the semantic field would most likely be considered 'love'. A semantic field of love. Also the lexis may be referred to as "flowery" or even femnine
"There is a noticeable semantic field of war - used to reflect that the character is a warrior"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006
Often used in fantasy writing, it is equivalent to mood or atittude.
'You're moody' becomes something similar to 'you have an agressive demeanour'.
We prefer to talk in terms of moods and atittudes, but in writing "demeanour" sounds much more sophisticated.
"Your demeanour is pleasant"

"His depressive demeanour just flushes the fun out of parties"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006
1) A type of knot designed to skip once tied. Common uses for this are;
to increase pressure on the arm revealing veins (often for injections of not-always-legal substances or IVs)
Nooses, for hanging a person by the neck
Provoking suffocation

Negative associations with this type of knot lead to;

2) A metal band with noticeably aggressive, provocative, depressing yet ironically reflective (and practically inaudiable) lyrics. The band, SlipKnot, have caused contraversy because some of there lyrics promote self harm.
The band itself has an overwhelming number of members, and even more fans.
Each use of an intrument played in a track, although talently played, can be described as distorted, aggressive and often chordless...
"Looks like a suicide -- it's a slipknot noose"
"Pass me a slipknot, I need to shoot up"
"Has anyone got the new SlipKnot album?"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006
Lexis refers to word use. Lexicology is literally the study of words.

"Good", "sunny", "elated", "jolly" could all be said to be under a positive lexis, where as

"Death", "confrontation", "rain", "depressed" are all a negative lexis

It can often be used to infer people's demeanour. Although people don't necessarily say how they feel, they're choice of words can be revealing.
"I don't care how fine he says he is, he's been talking with a negative lexis"

"Her lexis is awfully flirty"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006
A colloquial saying meaning "worthless".
It cannot be used in reverse i.e. "is worth a bean" because a "bean" is thought to be worthless, and not be worth a bean is to less that worthless, so to be "worth a bean" has such a broad meaning it is indeed meaningless.
"Chamillionaire's album isn't worth a bean"
by A speaker's curtain November 06, 2006
Lush originates as a word to describe greenery like forests or garden and flowers. It refers to how healthy looking the greenery is. The more lush the more healthy in appearance.

In use today it has spanned beyond the plant world to be a lexically (lexis) positive word, and more common amongst chavs can be used to describe just about anything in a positive light.
"Your garden looks much lusher after all that rain"

"Dude, that car is well lush"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006

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