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3 definitions by A smart and wise woman standing up for good guys everywhere!

A male heterosexual.
Hagbaggers make up about 50% of the general world population.
1 4
1. a piece of excrement.
2. a mean, contemptible person.
3. a male heterosexual
1. There is a turd floating around in the toilet because someone forgot to flush.
2. Henry's boyfriend is acting like a turd right now.
3. That turd is definitely slobbering all over that girl!
2 9
1. A homosexual who seeks out or particularly enjoys the company of male heterosexuals.
2. A homosexual who is a very close and personal friend of male heterosexuals in a strictly platonic friendship.
Your friend is a total turd nerd! He only hangs around straight dudes all the time.
2 10