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Taking a cooked package of ramen or some similar product, and putting it in a girl's vagina. Then, after waiting for several minutes to allow juices to soak in, then add the beef packets and stir. Soak for about 5 min. Then eat it out of said vagina with chopsticks. Add soy sauce for extra flavor.
After having sex, Shane whipped himself up a chinese lunch-box for dessert.

"My boyfriend Jermane and I tried the chinese lunch-box, I was really into it, but now my vagina smells like beef...and soy sauce."
by A rich, rich man January 20, 2006
Someone who performs the service of tickling a nutsack for 13.95 a tickle. Or for 12.95 if they are a card carrying union member. (Union Members have health care)
"Hey nut tickler you got change for a $20?"
"Will you tickle one of my nuts for half price or is the price per sack, Nut tickler?"
by A rich, rich man September 15, 2005
After participating in a sexual act with someone of the opposite sex, wait until he/she gets up to go to the bathroom. Very carefully fold the sheet from where he/she is laying and crap on the sheet. Take a spreading utensil and spread the dookie all over the sheet, and place it back how it was originally before he/she returns. They lift the sheet and get in, and pull the sheet of dookie over them.
"I got up after having sex with my husband last night, and when I returned and got in bed... he totally pulled a dookie sheet. He got me good."

"My Girlfriend and I had sex, and when I came back from the bathroom she dookie sheeted me. I got angry, then she reminded me that it was April fools day...and we've been married ever since!"
by A rich, rich man January 20, 2006
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