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A girl/woman who gets on Xbox Live because she is too ugly to pick up guys in REAL LIFE. She is so fucking pathetic she always is in "groups" or "clans" with all males to get fake attention. Usually, she finds a few she likes the most and harrasses the shit out of them. She is usually a dark haired person never could be a blonde. Blondes have more class than to be on Xbox Live. It is for LOSERS. Any female that is on it is even more a piece of shit loser than a male. Gross. These people need real lives. Pathetic losers! Get a job or maybe a life!
Xbox LIVE WHORE: O-M-G! I am so fat. I ate a piece of lettuce today. I think I overate!

Xbox Live MALE LOSER: Aw, babygirl. You are not fat! You are the hottest chick on the planet!

Xbox LIVE WHORE: ~(Thinks to self-He is feeding in the palm of my hand)
by A real woman! July 14, 2009
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