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Lead singer of the band " Bring Me The Hairspray ". The band itself is composed of a great drummer, two terrible guitarists, and the worst excuse for a screamer ever : Oli Sykes. Oli is a STD ridden sex addict who's daily activates include pissing on hot women and raping fat 14 year old fan girls. He writes his own terrible lyrics which include the words " fucking " and " bitch " in all of his songs.
Fan bitch: 0MG I like <3 Oli SyKEs!!!111!!1

Me: *Fucking Slaps Her* If he hears you call his "<3" mating call he'll piss on you.

Fan bitch: Shut the FuCK uP that story was totally fake n stuff!

Me: *Pisses on her* What are you trying to make up fake stories about me? *starts to listen to Rose Funeral*
by A real screamer December 11, 2010

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