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A sadistic sexual move which involves pouring salt into the orifice of a woman (or man) following intercourse, usually the anus. This is a homage to how Khan would pour salt in the earth and farmland in ther villages he would invade and plunder.
Yeah man, I totally got that skank back for cheating on my by doing the Ghengis Khan in her ass the other night.
by A rash August 20, 2006
A "finishing" move performed after intercourse in which one puts their cigarette out in the groin area of the other person, usually performed on a woman, hence the name "Ashtray."
So get this, after the whore and I were done, we were laying there and smoking when I reached down and put my cig out on her coot! The Ashtray!
by A rash August 20, 2006
A variation on the Ghengis Khan in which one pours/throws sand into the vaginal area of a woman prior or following intercourse.
We were at the beach the other night and after she and I finished up, I grabbed a handful of sand and did The Persian Prince to that slut.
by A rash August 20, 2006
A variation on the Toboggan (which involves one doing it doggy style at the top of a stairs and knocking the receivers arms out from under them and riding them down the stairs, ala a toboggan) in which it is done down the Up escalator.
Yeah man, so not only were we doing it in the middle of the mall, but at the end I knocked her arms out from under her at the top of the escalator and did the Skeleton baby! The doctor says that she'll be out of the hospital in about a week or so.
by A rash August 20, 2006
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