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1. Krusty's Komedy Klassics. Shown only once at the Apollo Theatre in New York.

2. Klu Klux Klan: A gang of low-IQ hicks who like to 'spread the light of God' by burning crosses. Symbols such as the celtic cross, swastika, and white robe and pointed hat are sometimes attributed to them, though, just like their faggot bigotry, are stolen from other cultures, and were all at one point symbols of peace. The Celtic cross and Swastika were stolen from the Nazis who in turn stole them from the Irish and Indians, respectivly. As for the robes, they are worn by marchers during Holy Week in Spain. They used to be criminals who would repent their sins and cover their faces, but now it is simply a nationwide activity of religion.
'It's great to be here at the Apollo Theatre for Krusty's Komedy Klassics! Oh wait, KKK, that's not good!'
by A random guy April 27, 2003
Famous comedian. See: Penis Van Lesbian
Dude that guy's a dick... or... she's a dyke!
by A random guy April 27, 2003
Crazy but loving...stern but silly...he can direct anybody's choir and is very knowledgable about gospel music. On the surface he can seem cold, but inside he's one of the most caring people anyone could ever meet...but try beating him to the dance floor.
Dujuor gone get us together if we don't get this part.
#of the day #deju #choir #music #dreads
by A Random guy October 09, 2013
A derogatory remark similar to the word from which it is derived, but implying a homosexual manner.
That gay guy was really a fukcer!
Those two men were really fukcing hard.
by a random guy March 18, 2005
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