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The capital of New Zealand. Not as preppy as Christchurch but not as stuck up as Auckland. Population is over 400,000. The weather is very harsh especially the wind. Probably well known for the beehive and the fact that their rugby team gets their ass kicked by every single time.
Aucklander: Holy shit i just saw a cow fly past me!!
Wellingtonian: Meh...
by A proud gay guy named Johnny March 18, 2007
Part Indian part Italian guy from Washington currently on American Idol. Not a very good singer, his sister was better. Has long lucious beautiful hair and likes to change hair styles to suit the occasion. Also loves to do the hula.

Sexuality is pending.
me: damn did you see Sanjaya Malakar do the hula?
friend: yeah thats the hula girls do
me: LOL
by A proud gay guy named Johnny March 18, 2007
Former contestant on American Idol, known more for her racy photos where she posed half-nude at the War Memorial in Washington D.C. There were "alleged" photos of her giving oral sex to a guy which had the most ugliest looking penis i've seen... although those photos turned out to be fake.

I bet you $10, she appears on the next months edition of playboy.
Antonella Barba may of had a nice rack, but her singing made my fucking ears bleed.
by A proud gay guy named Johnny March 18, 2007

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