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The art of everything lunching. Can be used in any shape or form. The word really has no definition because the people who utilize it (usually potheads residing in the Washington D.C./ Montgomery County Area) only do so as a variable. Everything can be lunching, and at the same time nothing can be lunching. The word is not something to be learned; rather, it is a word to be understood, and once understood, can, and most probably will become a word you use in your vocabulary more often than linking operaters like "the" or "and".

Origins: The origin of the word and it's definition is very different from what it has become today. Supposedly, in a high school in Rockville, Maryland, there was a very obese student who used to sit all by himself in the Cafeteria and eat his lunch, which consisted of anything and everything that could be eaten. Fellow classmates called this boy a "Lunchbox" see "Lunchbox" for detailed defitinition]. The word evolved from there.
"Oh My God! That dude's knees are lunching OUUUT!"
by A pothead January 05, 2008

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