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The feeling of complete control over a situation. Usually associated with a calm demeanor and furled brow.

Ginger felt completely combobulated as she mounted Mike in the red Pontiac.
by a pimp and his hoordinator April 05, 2009

1. Anything providing fun; causing amusement or laughter; amusing; comical: a funny remark; a funny prank; a funny story.

2. Anything possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good: a great quote; a great idea; a great SM
1. Jill - Remember when we stole the company Christmas tree and replaced it with a Festivus pole?

Sugarballs - Yeah, that was good bull!

2. C.S. Lewis - "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art ... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival."

Sugarballs - This is good bull.
by A pimp and his hoordinator March 14, 2009
An endearing term for one who is sweet and manly.
Marisa - Bobby is so sweet. He's my Cream Puff.
Jill - I agree. He's my Sugarballs.
by A pimp and his hoordinator March 14, 2009
The stress and anxiety caused by one’s mother when she tries to manipulate others to get her way. Usually associated with mothers who are controlling.
SB – My mom is trying to make me feel guilty about not coming to see her!

FT – Sounds like you are dealing with Momma Drama!
by A pimp and his hoordinator March 14, 2009
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