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A test most people take as a high school student. Some people flame about it, mostly on urbandictionary.com. But that's because they are either dumb, perfectionists, or dissatisfied with the fact that the world CAN go on without themselves or you or me (they have just realized that they are insignificant, just as significant as Earth is in the universe). Another reason to dislike it is that you hate the bias and bureaucracy of the education system in the United States, which I personally do. But that's just hating a player in the game of racist affirmative-action and workaholism.

Others simply adore it, because it either gives them self-worth, gets them into college, gets them well-deserved scholarship money, or actually challenges the mind, unlike high school work. You actually have to be smart or study to do well on it.

There is, of course, a third category, that may or may not be a minority, because, frankly, they don't care about it. They do it or don't do it and don't stress about it. They realize that though it does have a significant impact on your future if you're going to a college, they realize that they can handle it. I'm one of them.
NOTE: All scores are based out of 1600 for these samples.

Group 1
-No. It's not a stupid test. You're just stupid (unless you have a learning disability).

Rock is to scissors as paper is to ...
-No. You're an idiot. It's rock, you moron. Any idiot can get those right. They're logical.

OMG! I GOT A 1590 on that STUPID SAT. I HATE IT!
-Calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. You're ok. You can still get into a school that's distinguishing factor is its name.

My child got a 1170 on your stupid SAT. I want a recount!
-Face it. Your kid got that score. He/She is not an 1337 genius. Get over it.

Group 2
OMG! You only got a 1490 on the SAT? You're dumb!
-No. Maybe I just don't care. Or maybe you have a supremacy disorder because you're "gifted."

I loved the SATs. It actually tests intelligence rather than how hard you can work or how fast you can copy someone else's homework.
-Not a bad person. Unless you hate the SATs.

I'm glad I took the SATs so I could get a full ride to college!
-See above

Group 3
I don't really care. I've got better things to do than study for a test of intelligence or college aptitude.
-That's cool. If you do as well as you hoped.

I don't care. I know I'll do well enough for college. I played 2 hours of Halo 2 before taking it and I never studied for it. I got a 1300.
-Yep. That's me.
by A person who June 04, 2007
Laughing out loud in silence

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A: I'm going to ****ing kill you ***hole
B: I love you, too!
C: lolis
by A person who June 25, 2007

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