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The act of purposely wearing shoes on the wrong feet.
"Tyler are you cornbobbing?"

"I'm totally cornbobbing"
by A man of few words August 28, 2013
A mixed drink inspired by the epic journey of the Astronaut.

Taking a glass you mix.

1 Part Vodka

2 Parts Pom Juice

1 Part Redbull

1 Tablet of Airborne

A Dash of Freshly Chopped Basil

Shake, then ad ice to chill.

Get ready for a ride!
Bartender could I please get one "Squirly Astronaut" Im feeling awfully edgy tonight.

Whoa I almost hit that bear! Lets go to our favorite bar and order a "Squirly Astronaut".

Snap dog I want a "Squirly Astronaut"!
by A Man of Few Words November 22, 2010

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