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1: The act of a male cumming such a large amount that a stream of sperm forms as if you are urinating.

2: When a girl expels a large amount of semen from her vagina
Ex 1: I was looking at pictures of Eva Angelina last night and out of no where, I started Sperm-Pissing.

Ex 2: I came inside of Christina on accident and she started Sperm-Pissing it back at me.
#semen #cum #cumming #creampie #sex #pissing #piss #sperm #urin #urinating #sexual #intercourse #harcore #anal #fisting
by A lL lP H A January 09, 2012
1: The middle area between your neck and your chest.

2: An insult used to describe someone who attractive but is clueless, or full of stupidity.
Ex 1: "Hey Mary, I see you got a new tattoo on your neckchest!"

Ex 2: Sam: "Julie is hot, but shes not very bright"
Steve: "I know right? What a Neckchest.."
#tool #butterface #butterhead #bimbo #collar
by A lL lP H A November 30, 2011
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