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a woman that always annoys and bother the men in a group. Then 'peck' away with their voices...it hurts.
"Fuck (insert female name) stop pecking at me you damn Hen"
by A guy November 12, 2004
Ideology with many varying strands of thought. Some are genuinely noble and admirable with a sensible idealism, others are poisonous and based on a simplistic view of men.

However, the American Feminist movement has become so narrowly focused in recent years it has become a joke.

US Feminism has no working-class dimension, being dominated by middle class and Jewish women, and if anything it regards working-class women with a barely concealed contempt.
The Feminists did not condemn the exploitation of Jessica Lynch, which should have absolutley enraged them. Their behaviour towards Miss Lynch seriously weakened their already damaged credibility.

The US Feminist movement has no working-class base, making it impossible for it to achieve it's self-declared aims.
by A Guy February 05, 2005
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