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People who are made of awesome that decrease world suck. John and Hank Green are the founders. It all started with Brotherhood 2.0. The name Nerdfighter may sound like a person who fights nerds but they are actually nerds fighting against world suck(the bad stuff in the world). They are the most awesome people you will ever meet. Some popular nerdfighter phrases are DFTBA(Don't forget to be awesome), so jokes! and French the Llama!
Person 1: French the Llama! You watch the Vlogbrothers on Youtube too?
Person 2: Yep! They are totally awesome!
Person 1: I am so glad to find a fellow Nerdfighter!
Person 2: Nerdfighters FTW!
Person 1: DFTBA!
Person 2: DFTBA!
by A fellow Nerdfighter January 23, 2011

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