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1 definition by A disappointe d human

The above definition is an outrage. It is a blatant blasphemy to help the writer feel better about themselves. Names are sacred, would you like that kind of connotation being associated with your name? What was written is destructive and surves no purpose except to possibly make the writer feel better about themself for the two mintues they are writing it. A lesson about the internet might be in order here. Lesson 1: once it is written, it is permanent. Lesson 2: People judge you on what you say. Right now, even though you are anonymous, you are still representing yourself on this site. Its sad that you view the world like this and would choose to put such degrading connotation with a beautiful name. . Joseph, meaning “a mans man” is only one difference in letters. This is a great definition, encouraging. There is no reason to belittle not only people with that name, but homosexuals, African Americans, cigarette butts, and everyone else mentioned. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!
Rise above the hate, because hate only brings those who believe in it down- joesph
by A disappointe d human September 20, 2010