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When you are about to receive head (blowjob), and shes unzips your jeans,if your jeans have been tight and you have a stiffy. The pressure is released all at once causing your hard cock to fly out and smack the ho in the face at a tremendous force.
"Dude i was totally gunna get a blowjob but then i cockpunched her. "
" I'm afraid we cannot fix your face due to the damage caused by your clients cock" - Doctor to a ho

"Cock Punch totally rips off my Falcon punch." Captain Falcon on Cock Punch
by A crazy lol bitch July 26, 2009
A bilal is a scum sucking lifeform that has evolved from the very depths of a bulgarian shot putters arse and is so undeserving of life thats name does not even deserve a capital letter at the beginning of it's name. Shit that can't be wiped and has to be powersprayed with bleach.
" my one-eyed son whom I bore with my own daughter won first prize at the local bilal contest " An incest southerner with six digits on each hand on the subject of a bilal

" Can I lick it? " Paris Hilton on a bilal
" I shot one right 'tween the testicles " -crazy man glitter
by A crazy lol bitch July 26, 2009

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