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1. Man whore of epic proportions. Will screw any woman with two legs.

2. A description of a certain part of the male anatomy.
girl #1: Did you see the size of that Darrell in his pants?
girl #2: I would like to ride that Darrell until he screams!
girl#1: I just love a big Darrell.
girl#2: Yep, the size of the Darrell matters!
#darrell #dick #penis #asshole #man whore
by A big D August 09, 2008
The covering of clothing over a woman's vagina that says rub here to open. There are two sides to every camel toe and they both need attention to unlock the door.
dude #1: Her camel toe is inviting me to touch it.
dude#2: Yep, it's freakin awesome, I think I got wood!
Dude #1: I'll jerk off to her later....
#pussy #vagina #labia #sexy #hot
by A big D August 10, 2008
A suburb of Houston with a population of around 200,000. A cool town with a very diverse population. An Industrial town with alot of money. Also, the home of the famed Gilley's Club featured in the film "Urban Cowboy". A place where the coolest of rednecks can live!
Nickname for Pasadena: Pasa "gitdown" dena
#industrial #rich #diverse #refinery #texas
by A big D August 09, 2008
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