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A word used by retarded white girls after everything. Its a substitution in their sentences for a comma. It sounds really ignorant and therefore they should be called niggers just like how there are black people that say "sup nigga" before every sentence sound ignorant, they sound ignorant also and therefore are niggers too.
amber: like hey brittany, i like got my boob job, and like got a tan, and now i like look like a rotted pumpkin, and like, i like, got my lip plumper, cuz like i have no lips, and like........idk..like, whatever

Brittany:like omg amber, that like sucks, like the 17 dicks that i like sucked last night, and like got herpes from, like WOW!!! that like is horrible! like OMG!
by A beautiful girl!! September 13, 2009

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