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A bitchnigga, fake, a bitch, a herb, although a bitchnigga is often all talk he is a notch above a bitchassnigga, who deserves more resentment than just a bichassnig, who is just pathetic and not worth getting worked up about. You can spot a bitchassnig or BAN by his behavior and is often seen wearing sunglasses at night.
"Man I wouldn't say that about Ron, he'll fuck shit up dude. Man fuck Ron he's a bitchnigga he ain't doin shit."
by A X March 29, 2008
N. A trait a person possesse where they are tight with money. Not letting money go easily, being extremely cheap.
Not letting money escape.
Dan has had the jew grip lately he doesn't even want to spend 300 dollars to fix his car, so i have to always give him a ride.
by A X March 20, 2008
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