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The second largest city in Massachussetts. Historically a mill town and source of industry, Worcester is trying to re-invent itself and attract culture. It will be interesting if it manages to do so before Boston co-opts it as a 'bedroom community'. There are many great restaurants here, a good music scene, the Worcester Art Museum, the Higgins Armory Museum, nine colleges (UMass, WPI, Assumption, for example), several nice parks, some industry and biotech, etc. Like Boston, there are places you don't want to go after dark alone. (esp. Main South) Unlike Boston, you're not living on ramen and ketchup to make rent, and you have to work a little at finding something fun to do. You decide. I've never seen a garbage storm. Also historically known as Wormtown, known to friends as Woosta!
Realtor: You know, Boston is less than an hour away! Out of state person thinks: Really? Cool! Person who lives in/near Worcester thinks: Yeah, but the commute in the morning takes almost two hours, depending on when you start! Or you could take the commuter rail, and hope they've fixed the lateness problem...
Hey, you ever been to the 111 Chop House, Opia 1541, or Zipangos in Woosta! ?
by A Worcester transplant December 15, 2004

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