1 definition by A True Brother

The epitome of a true gentlemen. Founded as the first Fraternity based on brotherhood, Chi Psi stands alone as the fraternity in which so few are a part of and so many are unworthy. May 20, 1841 marked the day of the colaboration of brotherhood with 10 holy men. Philip Spencer leading the way for a road into the eternal depths of intellectual, moral, and social life. The lives of four brothers of Alpha Psi, on the morning of December 7, 1906 will be mourned, and the flames which took their lives will forever keep a true Chi Psi out of the flames of hell. Chi Psi, a true fraternity.
And then this youth went up above, up where the angels play. He said "I am a CHI PSI true, you know I've come to stay." St. Peter met him at the gate. He said "We welcome you, the angels are all CHI PSI's here and I'm a CHI PSI too!
by A True Brother April 20, 2008

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