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"American Born Confused Desi," most commonly used to describe Americanized Indian kids. While many are not necessarily born in america, they have very similar characteristics and often have hard times finding a sense of identity among non-abcds and peers in america.

Abcd's generally have a heightened sense of love and pride towards america compared to other white people because of their general animosity towards their homeland. This is often shown when arguments rise between Abcds and non-Abcds when comparing education systems, cultural differences, and other aspects of life between America and India. Common arguments from Abcds include the level of conservatism in their homeland like arranged marriages and the caste system (even though, in a sense, they have equal intolerance for non-Abcds).

An identity crisis ensues when Abcds hang out with non-Abcds. when with white peers, they take pride in being an Abcd. They have a self-conceived sense of maturity and intellect and often spend less money on stuff like food. Conversely, when with Indian peers, they tend to act overly wild and carefree and tend to spend more money in order prove their "american-ness".

This "lack" of identity causes mass confusion among Abcds when preferring a lifestyle mixed from cultures that are polar opposites. for example, many prefer the larger and closer familial ties inside Indian families but also hate the lack of privacy. This leads them to almost always hang out with other Abcds and Abcs.
look at raj... such an abcd, always drinking and spending sooo much money on american food and clothing
by A True ABCD July 09, 2011

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