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A doll site meant for little children but everyone there is over 12 years of age.
Everyone's so called dream there is to become covergirl a lot of people try to be covergirl on stardoll and spend over 500sd but never get it my advice don't try for it how about national covergirl yeah.
No one likes noobs on stardoll they are annoying and half of stardoll is noobs they are usually all in parties and clubs like fashion club or original club or MSW, there is also people who think they are popular but are not ignore them they are weird and usually insult you for no reason.
Noob (at stardoll party)


Owner of party

get out !

Noob (in club)
H3y 3veyone I am N3W here wazzup ???

Club member
Hi, bye

people who think they are popluar
Omg I am so amazingly beautiful and everyone loves me

Normal member
*cough* *cough*
by A Stardoll Member March 09, 2011

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