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Not a Pro-Ana site like some have stated. This is a site dedicated to women aspiring to be the best selves that they can be. They are striving for what they feel is the ideal figure. They do not have eating disorders - they are women that feel that the skinny look is the best body type. They eat minimally, however they are conscious of their health. Unlike the pro-ana sites, they do not want girls to starve themselves, and unlike people with eating disorders, they feel confident in how they look, and don't go overboard. The site is opposed to the idea of eating disorders - it represents healthy skinny women that actually want to have real confidence in how they look. They want to look modelesque and actually try and achieve it, unlike the lazy fatasses that are probably reading this chomping on junk food and wanting to criticize and name-call, simply because they personally are insecure with themselves, unable to actually limit their intake, and are unhealthy.
Skinny Gossip: I feel great about how I look, and I am proud that I have the self control to be skinny.

Pro-Ana: I hate myself even though I am 80 lbs I still feel really fat.

Fat Critiquer: OMGGGG If you are under 150 lbs you are anorkexikkkk seriously you need to gain weight or you will die. I'm like 300 lbs and I love my curvezzzz.
by A Skinny-Shaming Victim October 29, 2013

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