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1. Noun - An explosion or implosion. Contains heavily ninja connotations.
Verb - Aplode
Adjective - Asplodey/Asploded
"Your head aplode!" (aplode is the verb, asplosion being the noun) (common phrase - implies asplodee viewed something far too awesome for their tiny cranium)
by A Shadow November 12, 2008
Noun - 1. Vessel of pure unfiltered awesome, commonly a person.
2. Trait, similarity to a ninja.
3. Essence of ninjaness - contained in all asians.

Adjective - 1. Similar to a ninja.
2. Awesome

Adverb - Similarity of action to as if it had been performed by a ninja. See Awesome

Verb - To assassinate or otherwise kill as if one was a ninja.
"*pffft* Ninja don't exi~ *head aplodes*"
by A Shadow November 12, 2008
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